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Babies 6 weeks to 18 months rely on their teachers to meet their needs.  Developing trust and an ability to form positive attachments are important needs of an infant.  Primary care-giving is part of our infant program, which offers infants a greater opportunity to form stronger attachments with their teachers and to move through their development with the ability to trust others and form relationships.


From 18 months through two years old, movement between dependence and independence is the toddler class.  Teachers support and encourage these young learners to explore and experience the world around them.  Our teachers support the children as they assert their independence, experiment with socializing, acquire a large language base and learn new skills.


Children between three and five years old are gaining great understanding of the people and places around them.  They are learning to form relationships with peers, are practicing social rules, and are inquiring about the workings of things they see, hear, and feel. Our teachers guide these young learners through socially acceptable interactions and offer them a variety of learning experiences.


Children in grades K through 6th grade enjoy safe, fun activities between 3 and 7 PM. After School is all about FUN!  Children are given the opportunity to relax and unwind after a structured day at school.  They are offered, games to try out, homework/tutoring and study, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities. Our teachers are on hand to monitor their safety, engage them in activities, and guide them through new experiences and challenges.  


We want to foster a safe environment for all the children at our center.  This is possible only if the children are not brought to the center with a contagious disease or illness that will be transferred to other students.  Childcare Licensing recommends keeping a child home if the child has signs of illness such as fever.  If the temperature is over 100, the child must be picked up and out for 24 hours.


All children must be dropped off by 9:30 AM and picked up by 7 PM


Children must be neat and clean.  Children must have closed-in shoes, no flip flops are allowed.


Kids Kingdom provides a well-balanced breakfast, lunch, PM snack, and At-Risk supper for After School children.  We ask if your child brings food that it is nutritious.  (No candy or soft drinks)  Kids Kingdom menus are posted weekly.  Breakfast will end at 8 AM.

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